iOS Version 7.0.59 (Tuesday, October 8, 2019)
Android Version 7.0.51 (Tuesday, October 8, 2019)
This version of Aruba Connect includes the following great new features, updates, and fixes:

New Features:

  • Enhanced Sign-on Security for HPE Employees using PingID multi-factor authentication

  • Secure session handling with easy PingID-based re-authentication


  • Updated Shipping and Receiving placemark on map to Aruba HQ lobby

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where 1st floor of Availability Maps in Spaces section would show incorrectly

  • Fixed location of ‘Indira Ghandi’ room in Availability Map

  • Fixed ‘Close to Me’ functionality for booking Rooms and Desks

  • Fixed Issue where some users would receive multiple notifications for the same meeting starting in 15min

  • Fixed issues with Room Capacity always showing ‘5’ instead of the correct capacity

iOS Version 7.0.53 (Tuesday, September 24, 2019)
Android Version 7.0.46 (Tuesday, September 24, 2019)
This version of Aruba Connect includes the following great new features, updates, and fixes:

New Features:

  • Booking a Conference Room and creating a meeting? Now you can see the availability for all HPE employees when inviting them to your booking!

  • Want to know who accepted your meeting request? Now your meetings in the 'Bookings' section include Accepted/Declined, just click on the “Details” button

  • Want to know who reports to who in the organization structure? Now within the directory of his employer you can click organizational structure to find out who they report to, and who reports to them.


  • 'News' section now loads twice as fast

  • 'Bookings' screen now loads twice as fast

  • 'Building D' and 'Building C' changed to 'Aruba HQ' and 'Aruba Lab' respectively

  • Changed message for opting in to location sharing to fit Campuses in addition to Events (note that this app will be used for Find Friends at both Campuses and Events)

  • Better naming convention for Conference Rooms when viewing your meetings in the 'Bookings' section of the app, as well as conference room search returns

  • Faster loading of live maps and placemarks in Live Map, Universal Search, and Site Info

  • Branding Update on Portland, OR Campus Overview screen background (removed sign)

  • Removed Unused Buildings and Floors from Default Location Setting and Spaces > Availability Map sections (Now only Building D, Floors 2 through 6 are available)

  • Added ‘Aruba Connect Mobile App Support’

  • Removed Downloadable Shipping Form in ‘Get Help’ > ‘Shipping’

  • Updated placemark for Shipping ‘Take Me There!’ to the Aruba HQ Lobby adjacent area

  • Updated ‘Fitness’ section ‘Get Access’ button to point to a with built-in subject line of “Aruba Networks Santa Clara Fitness - Please send Waiver Form”

  • Added ‘Your day is clear. You have no more bookings.’ message to Bookings tile view if you don’t have any meetings remaining that day

  • Desk booking integration updates to specify booking type

  • Minor aesthetic updates

  • Added "One Tap Mobile" numbers to Zoom information in Meetings booked with Zoom in the Spaces section

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where sometimes desks you booked would not show in the Bookings section

  • Fixed issue where some bookings assigned to certain conference rooms would not show a 'Go' button to get directions

  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Directory would time out when searching

  • Fixed issue with organization of Directory search results. Now results are alphabetical by first, then last name

  • Removed Building D, Floor 1 map from Availability Map section as it was incorrect and actually not needed

  • Added missing conference room 'JK Rowling' to Availability Map in Spaces section

  • Data refinements in Organizational Structure in Directory > Profiles

  • Menus display in Dining section correctly now

Known Issues:

  • 'Close to Me' still not working for booking rooms, but we have a solution in progress and it will be available for Santa Clara launch on Monday 9/30

  • Find Friends backend work still in progress (Planned launch with Portland Campus on Oct 15, 2019)

  • When contacting mobile app support through ‘Get Help’ > ‘Aruba Campus App Help’, the support email address in the message is missing

Version 7.0.44 (Thursday, September 5, 2019)
We’re Proud to announce the Aruba Campus 2.0, a new, immersive mobile app experience for Aruba Employees! The first release includes the Santa Clara, CA Headquarters. Explore the app for a rich user experience including the following functionality:

  • Universal Search lets you find everything from people, to directions to campus locations, to campus information, to Aruba news articles quickly and conveniently

  • Easily see conference room availability using a convenient graphical map and book your room instantly then invite others to meet with you using the App’s seamless integration with Outlook

  • Get alerts before your meeting starts and simply tap the notification to be guided to the meeting room using Aruba Meridian Location Services

  • Book Desks on the 6th floor of Building D using the App’s seamless integration with Robin Powered

  • Live Map powered by Aruba Meridian with Advanced search and filtering options including closest to you, by department, and by building and floor

  • Envoy Alerts let you know when a visitor has arrived to see you

  • Get notifications, take surveys, and participate in interactive polls

  • Campus Site Information including general campus info, dining options, fitness sign-up, event listings, transportation and accommodation options

  • Directory of Employees lets you search for and view profiles of other HPE employees (direct reporting structure and find friends coming soon!)

  • Campus News Feed let you view the latest blogs, press releases and other articles to stay up-to-date on what’s going on with Aruba

  • Post your photos, videos and comments to the Campus News Feed

  • Submit a ticket with IT, Contact HR, request Shipping, and get information on Emergency services

  • All of this and more!