Feature Spotlight: Single Sign On

What: Single sign-on leverages your company's secure authentication portals with the CXApp login/registration processes so your users only have to enter a single user name and password across apps and devices as defined by your IT compliance standards.

SSO technology inherently streamlines password management and simplified user experiences.

Why: A user-friendly login process can be very important for enterprise solutions that offer their workforce a variety of software tools as part of their day to day.

As more organizations continue along the path of digital transformation and rely on data-rich mobile applications to empower their worforce, the ability to seamlessly sign-in to a portfolio of different applications with one profile adds value to the enterprise.

Through 2020, enterprises that invest in authentication methods will experience 50% fewer identity-related security breaches than peers that do not.

Use Case

Robert Leads, VP Technology and Solutions at Silcom Tech, has little time, between customer meetings, board meetings, and team discussions, to keep track of all the software tools that Silcom Tech uses as part of their operations. 

Mary Plansit, Briefing Program Manager, invited Robert to a new customer briefing for this Friday. Mary instructed Robert to use the CXApp prior to the meeting to identify any customer notes or insights that might help him prepare for the briefing on Friday or as he 'steps' into the room. 

On Friday morning, Robert opens the CXApp and is asked to login to the get the details. Knowing that Silcom Tech's IT team has deployed a SSO solution across the company, Robert uses his profile (username/password) combination that he uses for other company tools and is instantly logged into his account. Robert effortlessly is able to scroll the briefing details as well as reference the customer's that will be in the meeting without having to manage multiple profiles or requiring additional help from Mary or the IT team to manage his account password. 

Easy as 1-2-3... or easy as just 1 (one profile). 

Ready to leverage SSO as part of your digital transformation strategy?

Download the SSO Datasheet

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