2018: Digital Communities Will Drive Business

With each new year, we have a symbolic ‘fresh start,’ a chance for ‘a new beginning’ so to speak. Many of us set resolutions to improve or change our habits and behaviors, however, it’s important to focus on setting goals.

As technology has shifted consumers from the pen and notepad, to the home computer, and now to the mobile cell phone, our lives have changed drastically. This change is particularly evident in the workplace. For instance, with the ability to work remotely or connect with one’s team across the globe, comes the need for tools that will allow you to maintain human connections in a digital world.

Facebook and LinkedIn have proved to be leaders in the social networking space, allowing users to make new connections, expanding their network, and maintain both these new relationships, and the old. However, a digital community is necessary for continuous engagement, through personalized notifications, as it draws the user back into the app time after time. When they are in the app, personalized content and important information pertaining to their business goals and everyday work life are available to keep them engaged.

Here are trends shaping active, healthy, productive online communities: