2018: Top Briefing Trends

The speed of innovation is rapidly increasing. In 2018, it’s important for enterprises to run a flexible and scalable briefing program that engages with clients through content, personalization, location services, and more.

As our customers begin to expect always-on experiences with your brand, you have to expand the tools to not only meet their needs but astound them with new innovations. This year alone, beaconing has made one on one intimate interactions with your customers possible, through the use of targeted push notifications when they are in the vicinity.

Apps have been around for the last decade, increasing in popularity each year, but never have they been so focused on meeting the everyday demands of the mobile consumer. We live in a time where, if your company’s information isn’t readily available when your target audience is searching for it, you not only lose a potential customer, but their network as well.

Here are just a few of the most popular briefing trends of 2018:

2018-meetings_26727084 (1).png