Your Story, On the Big Screen

According to a Microsoft Digital Trends report, nearly 50% of consumers are more likely to engage with digital experiences that offer seamless integration with their physical world. When you eliminate the friction points between digital and physical experiences, a ‘phygital’ approach gives you the power to redefine on-site engagement that combines consumer needs and business objectives simultaneously. Starring… your brand.

The increasing trends toward immersive technologies, IoT devices, and high tech screens like 4k have ignited this shift in how consumers expect their digital and physical worlds to blend. Digital is explorative, connective, personalized, socialized. Physical is wow me, include me, inform me, show me. So when you combine these facets, you’re almost creating a 3rd dimension that enables you to leverage the best of both worlds.

Act I : Opening Scene

A guest’s impression of a hotel is formed in the first 10 minutes of arrival. Regardless of your industry or why your consumers are at your venue in the first place, this rings true across all verticals. Visitors to an event show floor, or executive briefing center, or building lobby, all form opinions the second they step foot into your physical space (this rings true for virtual space too). Building a phygital experience helps you hit main KPIs that impact your customer’s first and last impressions.

It’s important to set your first impressions with well-crafted, visually appealing, meaningful experiences. Is it a greeter? Is it a welcome sign? Is it tabletop mints? Better yet, is it a digital greeter, a digital welcome message straight to your phone, is it a phygital installation that blends together multiple facets? These small elements factor into one big environmental experience that can be optimized through powerful integrations with cloud technology, mobile apps, and the tremendous amounts of data that can be pushed and pulled through these mediums.

Act II : Credits

Let’s take a few datapoints and extrapolate ways to convert other industry experiences into actionable insights.

Theater : Impress

  • Datapoint 1 in 5 people are persuaded enough by digital signage to purchase the advertised product.

  • Conversion Highly emotive visual displays capture the attentions and potentially activate viewers into consumers. Where walls, and plaques and printed signs remain static and can get stagnant over time, digital walls can be constantly updated with new designs and diversified content to keep your brand looking fresh and modern.

Education : Communicate

  • Datapoint 73% of educational institutions see digital signage as crucial for the future of communication.

  • Conversion Crafting and delivering the right message at the right time is a key driver of meaningful experiences. Our world is ‘smarter’, so naturally people are more interested in content that is automatically filtered to their industry or preferences. With digital installations, you can custom-tailor content feeds to match your daily or weekly audience. Even more, with data pulled from integrated software like your enterprise mobile app, you can automatically trigger content that matches your customer’s app profile.

Food & Beverage : Inform

  • Datapoint 74% of customers say an easy to read menu is their top priority.

  • Conversion Let’s for a second take ‘menu’ to mean daily agenda or events queue. In this way, surfacing daily or weekly information on a ‘top of mind’ screen increases clarity, expectations, and planning for all viewers. Your venue or EBC is a showcase for your team, products, and services, so the visual display in a phygital experience can help increase bottom-line results by building muscle memory with your brand.

Healthcare : Appeal

  • Datapoint Healthcare systems indicate digital signage can cut perceived wait time by up to 35%.

  • Conversion You may not intend for your customers to wait or have to wait for long, but even the smallest increments can be mitigated with phygital experiences that draw the viewer in. Whether it’s informative or entertainment based, a digital installation that brings viewers into the physical experience before the in-person experience even begins is a step in the right direction. With valuable customer information and mobile app data on hand you can showcase customized, personalized, remote greetings for visitors.

Health & Fitness : Entertain

  • Datapoint Fitness clubs say digital signs keep customers on-site longer.

  • Conversion Digital installations help define the atmosphere as patrons enter your space. Stimulate diverse interests and topics with client spotlights, tips and tricks, and case studies that will grab attention and hold interest. Phygital experiences can even be designed through a social lens through integration with streaming content from top networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram which fosters a sense of community akin to health and fitness club member circles.

Retail : Sell

  • Datapoint Retail companies that engage with consumers through a variety of channels drive three times the volume of sales.

  • Conversion Unique and custom experiences make your brand a centralized hub for information, social, real-time data, and news. Consumers expect technology to serve and anticipate needs, but when you’re creating in the moment phygital experiences that are mindful, responsive, and have a human-touch, you’re creating more meaningful on-site, in-person experiences that they will remember and take with them beyond the doors of your site or venue.


Act III : Your Industry, Your Story

These phygital experiences can be as small or as big as you dream them. They can be data-driven, socially-inclusive, geo-targeted, content-streaming, promotionally-relevant, digital installations that blend into your physical worlds. Brands can leverage these 21st-century technologies to tell their story on the ‘big screen’.

Just like any good story or good movie, the story exists beyond a single theater. It is projected on many screens in many locations. Technology that drives phygital experiences allow you to tell your story in multiple places and multiple ways. You can go with a backwards approach and stream it back onto a webpage to double-down on digital, you can pipe your multi-media approach to different screen configurations in different rooms within your venue, you can mirror the same content in remote locations across the globe, and you can even pack it up and take it on the road with you. Your story is an extension of your imagination and brought to life with thoughtful and creative digital installations.