Feature Spotlight: Polls

What: Polls are short-format questionnaires that allow users to quickly respond to a pre-determined subset of contextually relevant responses in real-time to garner feedback and gauge sentiment.

Why: Programs that incorporate live interactive engagement before, during, and after the event with mobile touchpoints tend to yield higher user and attendee satisfaction. Using polling technology as a part of your customer experience strategy will increase your ability to get meaningful feedback instantly to help drive conversations and evaluate your the effectiveness of your business strategy.


Enhanced engagement can lead to 40% more revenue per customer

Use Case

Sandra Partaker, Senior Account Manager at Rapid North, is attending the Silcom Tech Users Group (STUG) convention in San Francisco. The multi-day event covers a variety of topics and sessions that appeal to operations, technology, services, and innovation. Sandra is particular interested in a panel session about integrating modern communication strategies for growing operations and customer service teams.

As the panel begins, the moderator, Robert Leads VP Technology and Solutions with Silcom Tech, instructs audience members to take a quick poll that is available in CXApp to help gauge the most common pain points in the room to help hone-in the panel's topical discussion.

Sandra takes our her phone and opens the Notifications/Polls section and sees the options that are relevant to the session.

What is the biggest challenge you want to overcome with your customer communications?

  • Fragmented Service Teams
  • Lack of Customer Insights
  • Outdated Communication Channels
  • Unsatisfactory Customer Experience.

Sandra selects her choice and immediately sees the distribution of responses from the audience members straight in the app. She is intrigued by what other users are experiencing and excited to see what the panel has to say.

Ready to use polling technology in your integrated digital transformation strategy?

Download the Polls Datasheet