A News Feed Is a Turbine for Your Customer Experience Journey

Consider this. When you want to read or research information where is the first place you usually go? Some of you may say that you turn to print, newspapers or books. A select few may say they turn to public media or television. But we’re willing to bet a large majority of folks will say they turn to digital content or online print, more specifically on their mobile devices.

Did you know that the average internet user now spends more than 50 minutes per day consuming online news and content [1]? For context, that’s 12 minutes longer than the same stats for print-based media.

That’s because mobile ownership and mobile usage are on the rise, and for good reason too. People today almost always have their smartphone with them when they’re out and about. Lots of people even use them when they’re at home over a desktop computer. It’s much more convenient to pick up your phone and do research from the comfort of your couch, bed, or during a morning commute.

Content Is About ‘Snackable’ Moments

For anyone consuming content on the go, it’s helpful to get in and out quickly, and get all the pertinent information in a ‘mobile moment’. The key is perfecting this medium so that you too can deliver the right information, at the right time to your customers in a more consumable manner.

It’s likely there are platforms you use daily that we can draw tips from about serving content in a speedy, ‘browsable’ way. We’ll give you a hint, most social media platforms and apps employ this technique. Feeds. Social feeds, news feeds, shopping feeds, anything comparable really.

Today, nearly 4 in 10 people are using news apps [2] on their mobile and tablet devices. That number has doubled since the same research 5 years ago. This illustrates there is a demand for mobile news, and what better way to reach that market share then grabbing it and sticking it directly into your mobile initiatives.

Content Is About Creating Connections

Why should you care? The answer is remarkably simple. It relies on perpetual engagement. Otherwise summed up as, never ending, never changing client interactions.

But engagement isn’t necessarily just about an interaction itself, it’s also about the quality and quantity of an interaction for both parties. Not only do you need to get fulfilling engagements and interactions from customers, you must also be able to replicate them. Once you can replicate “good” customer engagement, consistently, it becomes truly perpetual.

Incorporating a news feed or content engine into your strategic business initiatives is the key method for fine-tuning the customer experience journey. It’s great for keeping your existing customers engaged in between on-site and in-person meetings, as well as giving new or potential customers a compelling reason to keep in touch and stay in-the-know when it comes to your business, solutions, or offerings.

A news or activity feed that is seamlessly integrated into an existing digital or mobile framework keeps your customers interested, informed, and more willing to share and engage. It also keeps them anticipating what comes next as far as the content you deliver, giving them something to look forward to, and essentially a reason to continually come back to your app for new, thought-provoking, industry-relevant articles.

That’s it.

Content Is About Impacting Your Bottom Line

A concentrated feed of your top stories, blogs, case studies etc. encourages sharing, commenting/discussions, and other related social interactions. Why? Because it’s bite-sized, easy to consume, and highly intriguing. One could even argue the idea of a ‘news feed’ is the exact reason why social media works. Without it, Facebook wouldn’t be… well, Facebook. It’s also why almost every other social network that came after copied the format in some small way. In fact, 76% of people use their Facebook feed to find interesting content.

It works.

In fact, 2017 predictions argue that content will be more impactful for touchpoints later in the funnel rather than top-of-funnel topics that proliferate content engines. This doesn’t mean you change what types of content you target, those are all still powerful mediums and require a good mixture, but the trends, the stories, and the ‘meat on the bones’ if you will are swaying more towards aligning with other areas of the sales cycle. This further evidences the need for a central, mobile-first hub that users and customers can come back to to consume the information that matters most to them creating more meaningful content sharing opportunities.

Ultimately, when you create a recurring content strategy that fuses with your mobile initiatives in the form of a news feed, it becomes a competitive differentiator for increased traffic, lead quality, lead quantity, brand awareness, and conversion rates. Your news feed turbine is generating the power that keeps customers coming back for more.