Feature Spotlight: Travel & Logistics

What: Travel and logistics components serve as a command center for all the big and little details around your event or meeting. This includes information and details around hotels, transportation, dining, and maps to ensure customers constantly have all the information they need to enjoy their visit.

Why: We know managing event logistics can be difficult, and even more difficult for customer or attendees to keep track of everything. In-app travel and logistic sections help keep a million details at your customer's fingertips.

This helps your management teams automate important and fun details so attendees have relevant and consistent information related to transportation, hospitality and other activities. Think of it as a mobile concierge guiding your customers through their meeting or event before, during, and after.

This ultimately gives your customers the power to shape their experience.

Managers spend 35% of their time in meetings, executives spend upwards of 50%.


Use Case

Sandra Partaker, Senior Account Manager at Rapid North, is attending the Silcom Tech Users Group (STUG) convention in San Francisco. She just finished registration and is sent an invite to download the STUG event app. Sandra opens the mobile app to review the overall event schedule that spans 3 days of panels, sessions, offsite tours, and networking events.

Sandra clicks through the different sections in the app then goes into the Travel & Logistics section. In there, Sandra sees the list of preferred hotels for the event: Union Square 55 and M San Francisco. She easily browses both hotels from within the app and settles on Union Square. 

Sandra then clicks to view a list of restaurants recommended by the STUG coordinators. Sandra is going to have a business meeting with David Visitus, from FlexOps, so she wants to make a reservation the night before STUG starts at a quiet restaurant where they can talk about partnership opportunities. Ellis Eatery impressed Sandra most so she sent a link to David before she made a reservation. 

Sandra is going to be in San Francisco for 5 days total, so she looks at the Activities section to see what other types of entertainment she can schedule before and after the convention. She sees options like bike tours, museum visits, and jazz clubs, taking note of this things that interest her most so she can round out her schedule.  

Sandra is excited about this year's STUG convention and with the help of the CXApp she is confident she will get the most out of the schedule and her personal agenda.

Ready to leverage travel & logistics as part of your digital transformation strategy?

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Andrea Susman