Feature Spotlight: SMS Invites

What: SMS invites are a quick, efficient, and simple way to get your customers, event attendees, users into your mobile experience. You can simply send an invite to specific users straight through their mobile phone with pertinent 'mobile experience' details - and they can click-through to engage.

Why: When it comes to the customer experience journey, it's important to provide clear and user-friendly ways to access pertinent meeting or event details. What better way than to put the install or access information straight into the palm of the user's hand than through a text message.

75% of all Millennials would rather communicate via text.


Use Case


Izzy Scaling, Director of Operations at Rapid North is attending a briefing at SilcomTech to meet with Robert, Leads VP Technology and Solutions, and Ark Itect, Systems Integrator, to discuss implementing SilcomTech's latest product offering into their stack. Izzy was invited to the meeting by Mary Plansit, Briefing Program Manager, and she had indicated that there was a mobile app Izzy should download with helpful meeting information.

Izzy meant to download the app prior to the meeting but ended up working late to finish a few things before he left the office. Now as he pulls into the SilcomTech EBC he looks for the email with the download instructions but can't seem to find it. He hopes one of the meeting managers will give him that information once he gets settled in.

Walking up to the EBC lobby, Izzy is greeted by the receptionist and as she begins to check him in... she asks him to sign in on the iPad kiosk at her station. There he quickly fills out his first and last name and also provides his mobile phone number. Once he sends that information, he instantly receives a text message on his phone. Curious as to who might be texting him, he is delighted to see that it is a welcome message with instructions from the SilcomTech EBC team. Right there, in the text message, Izzy sees that he can simply click on the link sent to him to access either the mobile app or to go straight to a web browser to get the full SilcomTech Customer Experience App that Mary had told him about. He clicks on the link to the app and is quickly logged into the system where he is relieved to see all meeting details, personal profiles, content and more... Phew, what a relief... Izzy walks into the meeting feeling well taken care of and prepared for the day ahead!

Ready to access your mobile experience in one click?

Download the SMS Datasheet