Feature Spotlight: 3rd Party Integrations

What: The CXApp Platform integrates seamlessly with multiple 3rd party registration, CRM, and event management services API's to streamline your meeting and event management experience.

We have experience working with other value-added technology partners and interfaced with several systems that talk to the CXApp and can also help you identify qualified 3rd party vendors should additional technology needs arise or meet your existing technology needs.

Why: 3rd party technology and resources make it possible to integrate advanced services, tools, APIs and other add-ons that can be implemented with an existing set of robust features in the CXApp that will can round out your customer experience program.

We know that your team may have existing tools or processes that you need to incorporate into your mobile customer experience program, and a holistic partner network can help get you to market more quickly, scale faster, and maintain a more consistent journey across different touchpoints for your team, functional groups, customers, and members alike.

Connected devices are forecasted to exceed 20 billion, with the majority being connected by APIs
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Use Case

Mary Plansit, Briefing Program Manager at Silcom Tech, schedules approximately 20 briefings a week across different core groups. On average, Silcom Tech sees 2,500 international visitors in their customer experience center. Over the past year, Mary has worked with Robert Leads, VP Technology and Solutions, and Joe Growsmore, Customer Experience Manager, to move forward with a digital transformation strategy for their briefing program. 

Mary started using the CXApp about 6 months ago and has found a lot of the features very useful. Since they just kick-started their mobile customer experience program, Silcom Tech already used a briefing scheduling tool. No problem! The CXApp integrates easily with the system her team was already using so she can seamlessly send out invites and schedule events faster than she can hit the 'Sync' button. This eliminated the need for her team to learn a new system or switch systems entirely ensuring a smooth transition. 

In the past, Mary's team handed out paper surveys after each briefing. This added lot's of time to the post-meeting documentation process and resulted in heavy manual data entry. With the CXApp, Mary can quickly create, survey, and access survey results through integration with the top online survey providers. Also, Mary loves the 'speech to text' feature in the CXApp where a lot of customers have indicated that's primarily how they send their feedback to her, making it effortless for them to share their thoughts.

With so many briefings annually, Mary and Joe wanted to create a simple, cohesive customer experience program for their briefing center so that team members and customers felt engaged and eager to use the tools given to them that  make their jobs easier and in-step with a more mobile life and work style. 

Now that they are more familiar with the CXApp, Robert wants Mary to work on integrated another technology advancement as part of their digital transformation. Mary knows that working with the CXApp team she will be able to discuss opportunities and potential challenges to best fit Silcom Tech's needs for a mutually beneficial ecosystem, making the platform more valuable and accessible.

Ready to leverage 3rd party tools as part of your digital transformation strategy?

Download the 3rd Party Integrations Datasheet

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