The Top Tech Trends from CES 2018

This year's CES is proving to be an interesting one. With blackouts, rain interferences, cool new tech, and 'smart experiences, we're monitoring the trends coming out of the Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas. 

No doubt, there is much to see and do and consider when it comes to accounting for the new tech and innovations in your personal and professional life. But when it comes to the trends we're seeing, we picked a few that stuck out that can impact your customer experience strategy for 2018. 

  • 5G : The ultra-high-speed networking may not make a bigger splash until later this year or early next year, but it will impact mobile-first experiences with presumably faster, more reliable, always-on wireless connections that can support the increase and rise of smart 'everything'. When it comes to your customers, delivering incredibly powerful on-site, in-person, and in-between moments with a mobile mindset will be crucial. 
  • Augmented Reality : More and more products are becoming inherently equipped with AR cameras or screens. This will likely manifest into one-off devices, but the real kicker here is allowing your customers to 'try' a product, 'experience' and event, or 'walk the halls' of your EBC or conference show floor.
  • Hybrid Devices : This one keeps cropping up in different ways over the years. We've seen clamshell devices, detachables, and even integrated devices that connect together. For customers, this truly means they can take the experience with them wherever they go. Plug into a larger screen, use your mobile as a controller, swap screens, or screen sizes for different types of tasks. It's compounding the mobile, on-the-go, preferred device lifestyle.
  • Service Robots: From deliveries to simpler tasks and activities, robots and Artificial Intelligence continue to make a splash. Hubs with communicators like Alexa, Siri, and Google are interfacing with robots to create more contextual and 'realistic' experiences. On-site, you can have robots perform simple tasks for your customers like deliver lunch, or they can even interface with other devices like your mobile app to order an rideshare, navigate them to their next meeting room, or even walk them to their car with an umbrella. 

All in all, these types of tech trends we're seeing are going to enable teams that cultivate customer relationships to create more white-glove experiences.