Streaming News Tactics for Your Business

When it comes to creating a holistic customer experience or user experience journey for your business, you have to keep things social, relevant, fresh, timely, and most importantly newsworthy. This is solidified by the idea of business blogging or sharing relevant company news to build more online visibility.

In short, a business news channel is yet another form of marketing - similar to social media, snail mail, email, and more - that will help provide and support business growth. More specifically, a mobile news solution will keep your entire audience engaged and informed, from your employees to your customer base.

Until now, the ideal solution was to deploy a blog on your company or brand website that shared timely and relevant information. In doing this, you often feature or showcase content in a news-style timeline on your site or a similar portal. This concept is still viable, but it needs to be adapted to target the most prominent section of your audience in the modern market, users on mobile.

The number of global mobile phone users is expected to surpass the five million mark by 2019, which we are extremely close to already.

The new or modern solution, then, is to create and deploy a digital native news outlet through a mobile app or mobile channels, to deliver a perpetual source of engagement and information. With a mobile app, this keeps your users coming back regularly to check in and stay informed. It doesn’t have to happen in the conventional news or blog style post, either. There are a variety of ways to deliver relevant content, such as through social stories, case studies and reports, customer spotlights, testimonials, vlogs and visual presentations, or other forms of media.

The Many Benefits of a Business Specific News Platform

No matter how many options there are, you’re likely still wondering what benefits this strategy can offer you and your business. What will streaming news tactics - specifically on mobile - offer you?

Instant Gratification

For starters, delivering content on mobile is important because it provides your audience instantaneous gratification. At any time, when they are ready, they can open your app and read the latest news or information to stay informed and dive back into your social space. This provides them the freedom they need to go out, live their lives, and go about their day, without missing out on anything.

From the business side, using mobile also allows you to keep your audience engaged even when they’re not prepared to be. You can send out mobile push alerts and notifications, and engage on levels you never have before. If they visit a local store or one of your properties, for instance, you can deliver targeted, relevant content right to their fingertips - or eyes, whichever you prefer.

41% of internet users rely on social media to stay up-to-date with news, current events, and to discover new, entertaining content. A digital-focused news channel can help you take advantage of this.


Contextual Content Aligned with Business Objectives

Content marketing is only valuable if it’s aligned with your real, targeted business objectives. That’s why every marketer known to man preaches incorporating a strategy built around your specific brand’s needs and goals.

The beauty of an internal and mobile news-strategy is that it’s already designed to be contextually aligned with your business objectives. You don’t have to shift, change, or come up with a strategy in that regard. You are simply delivering content to keep your audience informed and engaged, and that - in and of itself - is a viable goal.

Small businesses with active blogs net 126% higher lead growth rates than small businesses without. Also, 77% of internet users read blogs regularly. Both of these statistics highlight the importance of a digital-based news outlet or channel.

Increased SEO Rankings

The more content you put out in the public space, the higher your SEO or search ranking becomes. It’s a natural process. Of course, if you want to hone your ranking you’ll need to be hyper-focused on delivering not just timely, but relevant content that works to give something back to your audience.

Even on mobile, you’re creating a public presence that can be queried, categorized, and ranked.

According to a comScore poll, the average amount of unique, monthly visitors in the fourth quarter, for included outlets, increased 12% in 2016 to nearly 23 million. Also, the average minutes per visit for each user was 2.4 minutes. All were driven, as you’d expect, by content marketing through a newsworthy digital channel.

Generates Buzz Around Interesting Topics

A natural form of marketing or advertising for any business that will never go away, no matter how much time passes, is word of mouth engagement. A customer has a great experience with your company, then goes on to share said experience with friends, family, and colleagues. They come to try things out, purely based on buzz, and have their own experience. It’s a waterfall effect that is perpetual, even with loyal, long-standing customers or users.

But through newsworthy content marketing, especially the kind you deliver through a mobile app, you can shape the buzz or “discussion” surrounding your topics too. Moreover, targeted news content marketing can generate three times as many leads as outbound marketing and is 62% cheaper.

Crowd-Sourced Collaboration and Engagement

All by its lonesome, content is going to fade away into the background simply because there is so much being produced these days. It’s harder to get your content, brand, and opinions noticed, even on the customer side of the equation. When they are discussing an experience or reaching out for support, they are swimming in a sea of hundreds - if not thousands - of other customers seeking the same. It’s a crowded market.

The kind of crowd-sourced collaboration and engagement that a newsworthy mobile feed provides is invaluable. Collaborating with niche influencers and users can help boost the visibility of both your content and channels.

Cross-Channel Sharing and Engagement

You probably know better than anyone, to be successful you need to be exactly where the demand is. In other words, you need to position yourself so that you’re right where your customers need you. By maximizing visibility, you are also maximizing engagement and interest.

The problem, however, is that these days customers are never on one particular channel over another. Sure, there’s mobile where they spend a lot of time, but they’re also jumping back and forth between that and other channels too.

To keep up, you need to come up with a solid omni-channel experience for your customers that crosses the boundaries of all platforms. With a digital native news outlet, you can jump those boundaries without much effort to deliver content and information exactly where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

Thought Leadership and Executive Specific Engagement Outlet

One of the major benefits of being a thought leader in your market, or being an influential person so to speak, is that nearly everyone looks to you for advice and or guidance. They value your opinion, they value what you propose and share, and more importantly, they follow closely to learn more about what you have to say. This is especially true of executive specific engagement channels, where other influential people don’t just value what you say, they engage and respond accordingly.

You’ve seen these hundreds of times before. A market or industry pundit publishes a blog that proposes sweeping changes to their industry. Then another influential marketer or thought leader publishes a response, explaining their thoughts. They could either be in favor of or against the original piece. Regardless it drives a discussion around the topic, generating buzz for all involved parties and boosting engagement levels.

Of course, you have to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry before you can even begin to benefit from such content. It just so happens that a newsworthy, relevant content stream can help you establish such a reputation; consistency is the key to success there.