Embracing Peer to Peer Messaging

To most, AOL Instant Messenger, is a fleeting memory, a thing of the past. However, it's important to note the lasting impact that the technology has had on humanity since it's inception. Every single person on earth, whether they have access to a electronic device at the moment or not, has the opportunity to instantly connect with another human being in their lifetime because of AIM's groundbreaking technology. It took over 50 years to develop, with numerous other companies and institutions contributing to its evolution. Generations to come will also have this opportunity as well. 

We know millenials, and a growing number of adults across generations prefer to communicate via text. Think about your own lives... you probably text your friends more than your call them. Family members too? What about in business?

Text messaging and short format messaging are taking over the business world. So rather than avoid the trend all together... why don't you just embrace it? In-app messaging embraces the mobile-mindset mentality and when coupled with business-first initiatives that impact the customer experience... its the logical next step for creating an environment where conversations can not only live, but thrive at times when communication matters most!

peer to peer messaging