The CXApp combines workplace technology for a more connected venue experience for customers, employees, vendors, visitors and more through our cloud-based mobile app platform.

CXApp Campus
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CXApp Campus Info


A user-friendly home screen provides effortless access to venue information you need to stay connected.

CXApp Location Aware

Location aware

Visitors can use the live mapping system to easily navigate your venue with turn-by-turn directions.

CXApp News Feed


Personalized news updates sync with an internal library for topical stories and conversations happening on-site.

CXApp Directory


Smart search across people, places, and things delivers instant access to all business facets.

CXApp Notifications

real-time notifications

Time-sensitive communications keep visitors informed with the right message at the right time for live campus engagement.

CXApp Integrations


Turnkey integrations with well-known third parties enhance collaboration and streamline operations into a single platform.



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The CXApp is the industry leader in venue management software. From smart vendor management, events, news feeds, transportation, search, maps and more.

See how the CXApp can deliver a smart, contextual on-site experience across different industries for venues of all shapes and sizes.

Having one mobile app, that I as an employee can install to access all campus experiences in a single place, is what enterprises are looking for.
— Tim Vanevenhoven, Vertical Product & Solutions Marketing, Aruba Meridian
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CXApp connects physical spaces

Connects with physical spaces

Easy scheduling features connect with conference rooms and other shared spaces for smart space management.

CXApp global search

Uses a universal search engine

You can learn everything by starting with a single question. Advanced search tools helps you find what you need across all sites and tools.

CXApp custom experience

Personalizes the on-site experience

Custom filters, messages, and notifications based on who you are... and where you are tailor interactions user by user.



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