The CXApp powers community management and connects your members with resources, conversations, and events through our cloud-based mobile app platform to enhance the member experience.

CXApp Communities
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CXApp Networking


A mobile-first community connects people in between in-person interactions and enables engagement across the group.

CXApp News Feed

relevant content

Members have access to the latest community topics and news through personalized content feed.

CXApp Polls

sentiment: surveys & Polls

Interactive tools provide a quick and easy way to collect member feedback and influence the community itself.

CXApp Member Posts

member posts

In-the-moment social networking keeps the momentum of your community alive and thriving with user generated content.

CXApp Notifications

real-time notifications

Time-sensitive communications keep members informed with the right message at the right time for live community engagement.

CXApp Insights

Member intelligence

Data around member profiles and activity gives actionable insights to refine and optimize your community strategy.



See The CXApp In Action

The CXApp is your go-to companion for building your digital community. From trends, topics, member info, networking, live polling, member to member messaging and more.

See how the CXApp helped introduce the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM) scale from an events only program to a thriving community.

We have 3 major events each year that are face to face, but in between events we offer a lot of resources. Our job is to connect them as a community to help them get farther faster the other 340 days of the year.
— Elizabeth Simpson, President, ABPM
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CXApp extends your brand

Facilitates transition to owned tools

There’s an allure for community managers to build a homegrown network where they have complete control and access to features, capabilities, promotions, and moderation.

CXApp creates an ecosystem

Creates an ecosystem

A digital sponsor ecosystem is one of the best ways create new revenue streams with original, relevant paid communications, proximity marketing, and sponsored features from your contributor network.

CXApp scales to event size

Scales with your growing community

The one tool you and your team needs to attract new members and build loyalty with existing members as community requirements change over time.



Ready To See The CXApp In Action?

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