The Mobile Event App Revival

In the US, 1.9 million meetings occurred in 2016, with 251 million meeting participants. Events are big business. But can the current event climate sustain in a digital age where technology and trends become obsolete just as quickly as they enter the space? True some trends stay. Most technologies are ok. There will always be a need for registration, and agendas, and logistics. But when it comes to how you're creating and serving up your event from the front to the back, it makes sense to invest your time and energy into something that is sustainable from event to event and year over year. 

Beyond 'going green', mobile event apps have seen a resurgence in creativity and power given the features they offer, tools they interact with, and value-added benefits they're offering. It's a mobile app revival... 

In a world of Internet-connected things, these 'things' that make customer experience, attendee experience, and management experience better will be powered by mobile, and they will be the competitive differentiator that makes your event a breeze. 

In this whitepaper we will look at why mobile event apps have become more powerful and how this 'revival' will reinvigorate your event strategy now and into the next year.  Key points include: 

  • Examining the requisites of the 'modern event'
  • Digitization's impact on attendee experience
  • Trends shaping live event experiences
  • The 'one app to rule them all' mentality (i.e. platform based solutions)
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