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We are a mobile app solution focused on creating stellar experiences in a customer-first, customer last world! Our digital SaaS platform provides end to end logistics, management, and engagement touchpoints for meetings, events, online communities, and campuses. We have a high profile client list, of working with the Fortunes 500s, that continues to grow and are always open to qualified candidates to join our team!


Open Jobs

Do you watch Silicon Valley? Do you feel the angst, the humor, and the joy in their 'pseudo-lives'? Are you looking to be part of small team that is trying to grow in the land of tech and innovation. Do you relate to any of those characters or know people that do?

Well... we do. While our team does not map 1:1 to Pied Piper and our product is nowhere near a 'new internet' we are fighting for a slice of pie in the tech world, carving out our niche for mobile apps that make working together and working with your customers better. 

We all have worked with or for at some point in our careers people just like that and we find the humor and value in every little growing pain they experience, the highs and the lows. 


To apply for a job with the CXApp, please contact us.