The CXApp Live! podcast is an interview-style show for briefing programs and meetings.

Our goal is to be your dedicated channel for all things customer experience where we ask industry thought leaders the tough questions about building a world-class program. Each month we’ll explore a new topic or trend that impacts customer experience, employee engagement, digitization and more…

We’re unfiltered. We’re authentic. We’re having a conversation… join in!


Customer Experience with Leon Papkoff, CEO and Chief Strategist, The CXApp

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Episode 02

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About Your Host

Darby Mason-Werner, Senior Director, Client & Partner Strategy

Darby has 15+ years building and consulting for Corporate Briefing Centers worldwide. Her signature trademark is creating and developing consistent and scalable processes for programs that are looking to not only ‘wow’ their customers but also build functional models that stand the test of time. With this podcast, Darby is eager to help fellow briefing program colleagues simplify their lives with effective technology and tools while creating engaging experiences for their customers.

Want to listen in? Here’s what you’ll learn.



insights on trends and real-world applications impacting the briefing/meeting industry

Tips and tricks from industry insider’s to help you tackle challenges and implement solutions.

how to incorporate customer experience tactics in every aspect of your program for pre, day of, and post briefing


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