Congratulations Avaya! Winner of the MarCom Award!

Customer experience is crucial for a successful digital transformation, especially if the end goal is to improve and increase engagement. It’s no surprise then that Avaya was recently awarded the MarCom Award in ‘Digital Media’ for their deployment of the Avaya CXApp.

What Is the MarCom Award?

The MarCom Award is an achievement that honors excellence in - you guessed it - marketing, but also communications. Participants are comprised of corporate marketing and communications, advertising and PR, design, production, and freelance firms.

Avaya took home a 2017 Platinum Award administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. Winners of this category were chosen for exemplary entries; Avaya demonstrated excellence in quality, creativity, and resourcefulness. According to the award administrators, a total of 17% were given the award.

Why does that statistic matter? This year, MarCom received over 6,500 entries from firms across the United States, Canada, and 17 other countries. Therefore it is one of the largest and most prestigious industry competitions in the entire world.

Avaya taking home a Platinum award is reverential.


What Has Avaya Achieved?

Rolling out the app in its first phase, Avaya saw employee adoption rates of 8% just a week after launch. Now in phase two, their rates are currently at 23% and climbing, with a total of 50,000 partner individuals.

The initial goal was to develop and provide a mobile app to employees and partners that would essentially streamline email communications. Throughout each phase post-launch, Avaya continues to deliver and promote new feature roll-outs and enhancements that make the app a central hub for all things internal. Audiences - including clientele - can be entertained and engaged through the app. It also improves collaboration, strengthens relationships and partner networks, and enables social sharing. But perhaps the most important benefit is that it provides channels for real-time feedback which is crucial to moving the company and internal departments forward.

Avaya’s  mobile app managers and engagement teams do a great job of keeping employees informed across social, news, fast facts, and important company information. They have created a go-to ecosystem for internal communications that mirrors their mobile-first mindset and digital transformation initiatives. The MarCom Platinum award is a testament to their ongoing efforts and commitment to leading innovation.

We here extend our utmost congratulations and couldn’t more proud to have partnered with an organization that believes in creating a digital workforce.

They’ve done some amazing things with their internal app, and we’re excited to see what the future holds in their neck of the woods.

Congratulations Avaya!

A full list of winners can be viewed at here.

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