Mobile is the Cornerstone of the Modern Customer Experience

Executive briefing centers are designed to bring together the right people, in the right room to propel the customer lifecycle forward at any stage. The primary responsibility of the EBC is to establish and enhance the general customer experience. This experience should be personalized and ‘wow’ the customer so they are encouraged to continue or begin doing business with you -  because they know that they are in the right hands.

No two experiences are the same, and why should they be? In today’s hyper-personalized market it’s essential to deliver a relevant, engaging interaction with every customer or prospect. You must provide highly individualized experiences through modern communication and collaboration tools, such as mobile, that are capable of meeting specific client needs.

Why Does CX Matter in the EBC?

The bottom line is that a positive customer experience translates to more success and higher revenue. Even a moderate increase in CX will generate an average revenue increase of $823 million over the course of three years, for a company with at least $1 billion in annual revenue.

Furthermore, a whopping 84 percent of organizations that make an effort to improve CX report an increase in total revenue.

A successful briefing program requires more than just surface-level CX strategies to support the Executive Briefing Center. To make your mark, you’ll need a strategy that delivers on-demand and on-the-go touchpoints for the customer journey that keep pace with the speed of business today.

The Big Three

Three factors play into creating an outstanding customer experience.

I. Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is fueled by the widespread use of technology to improve employee engagement and customer experience. When deployed appropriately, these technologies can also provide highly-detailed insights, increase employee productivity, and accelerate decision making.

Since business happens at the speed of engagement, it’s necessary to come up with solutions that keep pace. Digital tools provide a way to modernize the way customer experience programs are delivered, including how meetings are conducted. They encourage collaboration and innovation.

II. Perpetual Engagement

For the average customer, the experience doesn’t end with the first meeting or even purchase of a product. They will continue to research and access reviews related to solutions, well after they’ve met with a representative.That is why engagement and interaction must be ongoing.

Since customers are going to seek out discussion and additional information anyway, why not provide it to them yourself? Digital tools can make this happen, even when a sales representative isn’t around.


III. Deeper Customer Insights

A proper digital transformation will allow you to capture business intelligence insights with ease. As a result, you’ll have a good understanding of your CX program’s performance each step of the way.

Want to know what events your clients are interested in? What content they have viewed? How they have engaged with others within your organization? Or better yet, how they have engaged with the competition?

These are all things you can glean from a targeted digital transformation — especially one that focuses on customer experience above all else. It’s no wonder that by 2020, more than 40 percent of all data analytics projects will have some relation to customer experience.

Welcome to the Modern Mobile Mindset

Most organizations have some tools at their disposal for handling the diverse facets of modern customer experience. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has the right tools.

It’s vital that the technologies at your disposal can handle the full customer journey, before, during and after EBC visits. This means providing ongoing touchpoints to your customers, which in turn, creates lasting and loyal relationships.

The CXApp delivers next-gen technologies that liven up your executive briefing center experience and provide you with more collaborative opportunities that deliver useful insights. As companies begin to plan for intelligent, more contextual meeting and customer services, we believe our platform is leading the charge when it comes to smart meeting tech.

The CXApp platform is used by some of the Fortune 500 including Cisco, Amazon, HP, Cognizant and Juniper Networks. We invest in every single customer, every time. Remember it’s not just an app - it’s an experience. And the experience is everything.