The CXApp provides personalized customer experiences before, during, and after your meeting through our cloud-based mobile app platform to enhance the customer journey.

CXApp Meetings
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CXApp All Events


Our SaaS platform allows you to manage your entire meeting program in one app meeting to meeting - location to location.

CXApp Agendas


Agendas span single or multi-day events with a detailed day-by-day guide and customizable MyAgenda capabilities.

CXApp Insights


Public and private customer info gives all meeting participants valuable insights for on-the-go relationship management.

CXApp Notifications

real-time notifications

Time-sensitive communications keep customers and meeting participants informed for live meeting engagement.

CXApp Polls

sentiment: surveys & polls

Interactive tools provide a quick and easy way to gauge sentiment, solicit feedback, and keep participants entertained.

CXApp Beacons


Connections with IoT devices, like beacons, allow you to craft personalized messaging based on time and location.



See The CXApp In Action

The CXApp is assists in strategic meetings management for better customer experience. From detailed agenda, meeting logistics, speakers bureau, SWOT analysis, surveys, contextual notifications and more.

See how the CXApp helped Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) upgraded their EBC to a smart and interactive experience that goes far beyond the meeting.

As we redefine the customer experience we are looking for new and innovative ways to creatively engage our customers. The CXApp does just that.
— Mary Hunter, Director, Executive Briefing Center, Symantec
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CXApp Boosts Customer Experience

Boosts customer experience

An immersive digital customer experience program combines all facets of your meeting touchpoints before, during, and after.

CXApp provides alignment

Provides cross-functional alignment

All team members, stakeholders, and executives will be operating out of the same playbook when it comes to running customer meetings and follow-through.

CXApp scales to event size

Expands to different locations and office sites

Large organizations have multiple sites in different cities, so your meeting program needs to scale to different locations with a consistent framework and experience.



Ready To See The CXApp In Action?

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